Zip Up Hoodie Vs Pullover. Which Is Better?

Zip up hoodie vs pullover is a debate that has been going around since ages. Both the hoodies look equally good and are super trendy among youngsters. However, if you need to buy only one, this article by The Elegance will help you make the right choice!

Zip Up Hoodie vs Pullover? Think about ZIPS!

“How do I choose a hoodie” is a good question. So, the first thing to think about is zips. Do you like zips? Do you think zips look cool? Picture yourself in both hoodies and if you find zips cool, then zip up hoodies are for you! Some people prefer wearing zip up hoodies because they think it’s trendy, which it is by the way! But, pullover hoodies are equally trendy too, and are preferred by people who like a no-zip look. Both men’s hoodies and women’s hoodies have zips. A number of women prefer zip up because of hairstyle issues. But, what you decide to wear does not depend upon your gender, but your preference! If you want to have a look at how zip up hoodies and pullover hoodies look, click on this page!

Comfort-is-Super-ImportantComfort is Super Important!

Zip up hoodies are easy to wear and take off. You’re feeling warm? Take off the hoodie. You’re feeling cold? Wear the hoodie! While this can be done with pullover hoodies too, some people think it is not a very good idea if you wish to not ruin your hairstyle. Also, considering the unpredictable weather of Pakistan, you never know when to wear or take off your hoodie. However, there are a lot of people who choose pullover hoodies when choosing comfort. They find pullovers more comfortable to wear. Thus, you have to make the decision yourself considering your own definition of comfort!

Do-You-Like-Two-Big-Pockets-in-FrontDo You Like Two Big Pockets in Front?

Are big pockets your thing? Are front pockets your thing too? If yes, pull over hoodies usually have big front pockets. Zip-up hoodies, on the other hand, usually have small side pockets. Thus, if you are into pockets, choose a pullover. If you do not like pockets, choose zip up!

Do You Prefer a Neater Look?

Do-You-Prefer-a-Neater-LookAlthough this is an opinion that varies, a number of people think that pullover hoodies look neater. They find the pullover hoodie’s look neat and appealing to the eyes. Again, this depends upon the individual when it comes to what looks neat to the eyes, but considering the views of the majority, if you prefer a neat look, go for pullover hoodies! You can see pictures of various different hoodies to make an informed decision. It’s time for you to end the debate of pullover vs zip up hoodies!
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