The 11 Best Birthday Party Themes for Kids and Adults

The 11 Best Birthday Party Themes for Kids and Adults
Got to plan a birthday party? Well, last minute birthday decorations are not a piece of cake!  Themed birthday parties are the talk of the town but it is not that easy to choose a birthday party theme that both adults and kids will enjoy. Here we present you a few unique birthday party themes that we can help you execute! Pick one of these themes and make your birthday surprise more exciting. 

Merry Mermaids

If you are looking for girl birthday party themes, this is the perfect idea. Get customized decoration pieces in purple and blue hues and the part y is ON! A royal birthday girl tiara made up of sea shells can prove to be a thoughtful birthday gift! The menu should consist of yummy sea food items.

Merry mermaids

Dauntless Dinosaurs

If you are on the hunt for ideas for first birthday of your baby boy, this is a unique idea. The little birthday boy will look so adorable in a cute dinosaur avatar. The Elegance can provide customized dinosaur birthday props to light up the birthday party!

Dauntless dinosaurs

Pretty Princesses

In case you a planning a pink themed party, this is the most suitable idea. Girls simply fantasize princesses! Order a personalized pink cake for this party and all attendees will be mesmerized! Don’t forget to arrange tiaras as giveaways for all attendees.  Pretty princesses

Football Frenzy

If you are looking for first birthday party theme for twins, sports theme is best. Buntings and birthday banners can be customized for different sports themes. The party space should be as lively as playground.

Football frenzy

Lovely Lion Kings

For those looking for birthday surprise theme, lion king theme is the most popular one. This idea is loved by kids as well as adults. Use a few DIY decoration ideas and let The Elegance do the rest!

Lovely Lion Kings

Sweet Spider-man

If you are looking for 7-year-old themed birthday party, Spiderman theme is trending. All boys are fans of Spiderman. Host a movie night with lots of popcorn and chocolates!

Sweet Spiderman

 Joyful Jungle Theme

If you are looking for theme part ideas for adults, jungle theme is appropriate. An open air party, filled with flowers and chocolate bouquets will fit in the greenery theme.    

Joyful jungle theme

Shark Theme

If you are looking for a nautical birthday party theme, shark theme is popular enough to be chosen. Play “baby shark doo dooo dooo” in the background and see all the mommy sharks, daddy sharks and grandma sharks enjoying. 

Shark theme

Catchy Candy Land Theme

Looking for men’s birthday party themes? Try this sweet idea. Our chocolate bouquets can win the show and be used for different games too!

Catchy candy land theme

Blissful Beach Party Theme

Anyone who is in search for birthday party themes for adult has to pick this idea. Beaches are admired all age groups. Even your older friends will love nautical themed cupcakes and giveaways! 

Blissful beach party theme

Hollywood/Bollywood Theme Party

Classic movies never get old. Adults can have their own thematic party inspired from their favourite movie, actor or actresses. Dress up as your favorite character and dance the night away!  If you are still confused, we can also provide customized birthday party essentials for theme parties like Hello Kitty, Frozen Theme, Mickey mouse, Casino theme, Star war, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Pirate, Minnie Mouse, Unicorn, Batman, Barbie, Cars, Cinderella, Emoji etc. What is your favorite birthday party theme? Let us know in the comments section below!

Hollywood Bollywood Theme Party

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