Custom Message Neon Light

 3,499.00 14,999.00

Brighten your space and express yourself with our Custom Message Neon Light. Personalize your own unique message or word in vibrant neon colors, adding a touch of personalized style to your home or workspace.

  • Sizes available: 18 by 18 inches and 24 by 24 inches.
  • Fully Personalized & Customized Neon Signs neon, signage neon, light neon, lighting neon.
  • You can customize font, color, size and text of neon signs.
  • Can be hanged.
  • The LED neon lights comes with a dimmer, power adapter, an installation kit, Acrylic sheet backing.
  • Best Finishing Product.
  • Supreme Quality Neon LED.
  • Colors Available: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Warm White, Yellow, Orange, Sea Green, Ice Blue.
  • 3mm Thick Acrylic Sheet.
  • 6 Inch × 1 Feet Approximate Sheet Size.
  • 12v DC Adaptor.
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