Perfect Valentine Day Love Letter Samples

Valentine’s day letters are really underrated. People usually buy gifts for their special someone on this special day but very few write thoughtful letters. Always remember, your words hold immense power. When a mean word can break someone’s heart into pieces, one positive word can also make someone’s entire day! A love letter generates feelings inside the heart of people and drives more love between the two. So, this valentine’s day, make sure you give your loved one a cute gift along with a cute love letter!

Few Tips for Valentine’s Day Letters:

  1. Be yourself! Do not write anything that you do not mean. Your feelings should be very real!
  2. Write it in a language that you are comfortable with. Even if you’re going for a sample from the internet, translate it to your language and add things keeping your feelings in mind.
  3. Present the letter along with a pretty gift to add value.

Valentine’s Day Letter for Her

“My love, I love you to the moon and back. When you ask me what I like about you, it is hard to pick just a couple of things out. I love so many things about you, I love the entire you.  I love the way you smile. I love the way you laugh. I even love it when you make me angry. I am so much in love with you that I think of you all day. I can’t live without you for even a second. I hope we stay together forever and ever!”
“It is you who have turned me into the sort of person I am today. Before you came into my life, nobody allowed me to be myself. I love the way you allowed me to open up my heart and be myself without faking anything. You taught me the meaning of love, respect, and most importantly, trust. You filled my life with immense joy. I thank you for everything that you have done for me. I will forever cherish our memories, the ones that we have made and many more that are about to come.”

Valentine’s Day Letter for Him

“My love, you brought me joy that no one else could bring in my life. Even after so many years, the sound of your voice still makes my heart swing on the stars. The days I have spent with you are the golden days of my life. No person in this entire world can ever take away the love you and I share.”
“Baby, I know I have told you this a million times, but I am so in love with you. From the moment that you leave for work, till the moment you come back again, my mind is constantly filled with your thoughts. I can only thank and pray to God to take care of us and to make us stay together forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, my everything!”

Gifts to Send with Valentine Letter

  1. Moon Night Lamp: A customized moon night lamp with a loving picture on it is a perfect valentine’s day gift!
  2. Picture box: There is no more beautiful gift than a handmade picture box! Those who love you will love the DIY picture box for sure too. It is because it is you who made it. You can also attach letters in this.
  3. Chocolate Gift Pack: If your loved one likes chocolates, how about giving them a chocolate box with a thoughtful love letter?
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