How I planned my Best Friend’s Birthday Celebration?

It is lovely, when I forget all birthdays, including my own, to find that somebody remembers me. ~Ellen Glasgow Advisory-services-to-the-rescueLast month, it was by BFF’s birthday and I was clueless what to do. I jotted down all the basic birthday party essentials and did what all millennials do! You guessed it right, I googled “Planning a surprise birthday party” and I landed up THE ELEGANCE – an online gifting solution for all lazy teens like me, who can’t roam the market places in this heat! I was able to make my best friend’s day with minimal efforts and within budget!  From their website my list expanded. Initially, I came up with conventional birthday ideas like balloons and cake. But representatives from The Elegance suggested me trendy ideas including birthday decorations, fairy lights, foil balloons, happy birthday banner, cake with cake topper and what not! I can’t put into words the delight on the birthday girl’s face when I turned the lights on and she saw how I had lit up the venue! 

Trouble-shooting-on-the-go Troubleshooting on the go!

As I embarked upon my journey of birthday party planning, I realized it isn’t an easy job being a birthday planner! My unique ideas ranged from video wish to hidden clues. Such high hopes would not have become a reality with out a gifting partner by my side. We all want to make our best friend feel special and loved on his/her birthday. I knew it was not a piece of cake but with The Elegance by my side, I had nothing to worry about! The Elegance gave such a personal touch to everything that the birthday bash became a roller coaster of emotions. Gifting-partner-by-my-side

Gifting partner by my side!

Here comes the birthday party highlight. Imagine my best friend, unboxing the present wrapped up in a thematic wrapping paper. She looked like a curious child. Excited and innocent. As her fingers raced over the tapes, my heart throbbed even faster. “I hope she likes it”. All my nervousness was driven away by the shine in her eyes when she saw the first glimpse of the customized frame that I had gifted her! She reached out to hugged me and nearly crushed my ribs in the process! 😀

Event planning like a pro! 

While I was so busy finding ways to impress by buddy, The Elegance was all professional and careful. They reminded me of giveaways for attendees. I ordered candy boxes for everyone. Trust me, all our mutual friends were invited an d our squad was so flattered! I highly recommend you to shop from The Elegance. I choose one of their recommended Birthday themes. Believe me, I cannot thank them enough for the joyous memories, priceless smiles, colorful birthday supplies and timely delivery. So happy, bday plans are now executable only through a few clicks! How awesome is that?
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