Facts about Brother & Sister Relationship & Bonding

A Story – Facts about Brother & Sister Relationship & Bonding

Brothers are meant to be life long support systems. It is quite common to have a few fist fights and get along at the end of the day. But, my bond with my brother, Arsal, was no fairytale. We literally missed no chance of teasing each other!

Helping with homework

The only time mom asked Arsal to help me with my homework was years ago. That first time turned into last time because he deliberately got all my sums wrong. While mom was worried with the red marks on my notebook, he just laughed around!

Getting me my favorite meal

How can I forget the day when not-so-dear Arsal made me drink a whole bottle of medicinal syrup, claiming it was healthy for me. I was too young to realize that I was being tricked. It was only his mischievous smile, every time I rushed to the loo, that made me realize what had gone wrong.

Spending quality time

Dad was surprised at Arsal’s request to take me to a restaurant. I went along with him to “spend quality time”. It was only at the end of the meal that dad’s suspicion proved to be right. Munching on his favorite burger, Arsal said, “I know you have saved up a bit. Pay for our meal. I really couldn’t miss these limited-edition burgers”.

Planning my birthday Bash

After all this, what kept me and Arsal together throughout our childhood and adulthood is his only impressive quality. No matter how annoying he was to me throughout the year, he really knew the art of winning my heart on my birthday. He would plan it way in advance and made me feel so special. His handmade cards and personalized gifts won my heart, year after year.

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