Best Eid Card Wishes 2024


Eid is one of the most celebrated occasions worldwide. It is an occasion of love and joy. To Celebrate that love and to spread joy, we often send wishes through Eid Mubarak greeting card. We often say Happy Eid Mubarak through Eid Mubarak quotes or Eid Mubarak messages. To send Eid greetings with name this year, The Elegance has shortlisted a few ideas for you along with some unique gift ideas which will make Eid even more special.

To Share a few Eid Card Wishes, we have the following list for you;

Eid Card Wishes for Friends:

“Eid ke is Mubarak mauke par bhar jaye aapki zindagi khushiyon se aur apon ke pyaar se. Eid Ul Fitr par Mubarak ho tumhe Chand Raat aur Eid. Happy Eid to you my friend”.

This is such a heartfelt Wid Wish for all friends. Friends hold a very special place in life and are just like family. This Eid give our Chocolate Bouquet to all your friends and add more love and sweetness to your lives. You can order the chocolate bouquet by click here.

Eid Card Wishes for Friends

Eid Card Wishes for Wife/Husband:

One of the sweetest Eid card wishes you can send to your spouse could be:

“Chupke se Chand ki roshni choo jae ap ko, Dheere se ye hawa kuch keh jae ap ko..

Dil se jo chahtay ho mang lo khuda se, Hum dua karte hain mil jae wo ap ko” Eid Mubarak!

This wish is so thoughtful for a partner. You can send this wish to your better half along with our Eid Chocolate box which comes with a card for you to write on.

Eid Card Wishes

Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes Quotes for Mom:

“To the mother who completes me… to the mother who brought me into this world…. I wish you Eid Mubarak and I pray for your happiness and health.”

This is one of the most compact Eid Mubarak messages for a mother because of whom we exist in the world. You can also make your mom feel special by gifting her our Name Bangle Bracelet which would be a perfect way to send Eid greetings. You can order the bracelet from here. Eid greetings with name bangles would be loved by your mom.

Happy Eid Mubarak Wishes Quotes for Mom

Eid Mubarak Wishes for Dad:

“Hawa ko khushbo Mubarak, Fiza ko Mausam Mubarak, aur ap Ko BABA, Eid Mubarak”.

This is one of the sweetest Eid Mubarak messages for a father. To make it even more sugary, gift him our chocolate Basket and spread sweetness this Eid. You can order from here.Eid Mubarak Wishes for Dad

Eid Card Wish for Sister:

“Khuda kare ki tere hoton ki hasi aur aankho ki khushi kam naa ho. Hamesha muskuraye tu unhi, khushiyan kabhi khatam na ho. Dearest sis, wishing you a very Happy Eid Ul Fitr.”

This is such nice poetry in urdu to write in an Eid Mubarak greeting card. You can pair this card with our Ladies wallet which could also be customized.

Eid Card Wish for Sister

Eid Wishes for Brother:

You can send Eid wishes in English or in any language you like. One of the nicest Reid wishes for a brother could be,

“Eid is all about celebrations and with a brother like you who makes it more enjoyable. Eid Mubarak bro”.

You can express your love this Eid by gifting him a customized Men’s gift set with a free Eid Card.

Eid Wishes for Brother

In today’s world where everything is changing, and we often just see Eid Mubarak status, the Eid Mubarak cards still hold value. So this year, get FREE unique Eid greeting cards by buying Eid gifts from The Elegance for your loved ones and make your Eid a blessed and a memorable one.

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