Appreciate the Role of Teachers During Pandemic Through Teacher’s Day Ideas!

Appreciate the Role of Teachers During Pandemic Through Cute Teacher’s Day Ideas!

Let’s Appreciate the Role of Teachers During Pandemic!

The role of teachers during pandemic was tough but teachers played it well. It is time we understand the importance of teachers in life. We realize how hard they worked to make teaching during covid a good experience for students. It is time to appreciate them for their efforts!

The Part Teachers Play in Life!

The-Part-Teachers-Play-in-LifeTeachers play a huge role in building our true identities. Their teachings do not just help us out within the boundaries of the classroom. Their teachings also stay with us outside the classroom, till the end of our lives. They play a very important part in our lives and inspire us to be a better person everyday!

Role of Teachers During Pandemic – Covid Difficulties!

Role-of-Teachers-During-Pandemic-Covid-DifficultiesThe role of teachers during pandemic has been really tough. You all are aware of the online education in Pakistan due to covid 19 and the struggles it brought along. However, they made sure that they faced every struggle and difficulty so that the students’ learning did not compromise.
  • Virtual classes were a new concept to teachers too. Some were not very comfortable with the online teaching methods but they still managed them so well.
  • Even though Kids were not physically present in classrooms during covid19, teachers made sure the students were always mentally present.
  • Some of the teachers were really against long screen hours. But, they still went out of their comfort zones and took classes online.
  • They came up with so many fun activities so that students do not end up getting bored in these online classes.

Cute Ideas to Thank Teachers!

Cute-Ideas-to-Thank-TeachersIf you are looking for a cute idea regarding how to thank teachers during covid, let us end your search. Here are some of the wonderful ideas!
  1. Cute gift ideas: You can give your teacher a cute gift, such as a teacher’s day mug, frame gift, LED Award, etc. And, write a cute thank you message on a card and send it along with the gift. If you buy a teacher’s day gift from The Elegance, you will receive a free card along with your purchases.
  2. Surprise Bouquet: You can also send a surprise flower bouquet to her home. Your teacher will love this gesture! After all, who does not like such surprises?
  3. Plan a Brunch: Another good idea is to plan a brunch for him/her and invite him/her. Allow the good food to make your teacher’s entire day!
  4. Get a Picture Printed: You can get yours and your teacher’s picture printed if you both have a picture together. And, send it along with a card.
  5. Wish on Zoom: You can ask your entire class to join hands together. On zoom, you all can show your own teacher’s day cards with teacher’s day wishes together.
  6. Play a Song: Play a teacher’s day song on zoom in the start of the class as soon as your teacher joins. Ask her to let you screen share for some work related thing, and just play a song!
If you have other ideas to thank teachers for their efforts, we would love to hear them. Let us know about your ideas, stories, and experiences related to teacher’s day in the comments below! 😉
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