And it was my Best Eid Ever

And it was my Best Eid Ever in Pakistan with Best Eid Gift for Fiancée
“Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” ~ Leo Buscaglia
Love and gifting go hand in hand. I think my fiancé is a pure gentleman because he sent so classy Eidi gifts for me. We, like any other Muslim couple, were on the hunt for Eid gifts for our in-laws and life partner. While Eid festivals brings the message of sacrifice and compassion, it is also a reminder to build stronger relationships and celebrate with your loved one. My handsome hunk was quite nervous while picking gifts for me and my family, but he really did a great job! His Eidi gifts made this Eid the most memorable one!

What-is-the-most-romantic-gift-for-fianceWhat is the Most Romantic Gift for Fiancée?

Since I am a choosy person, my fiancé decided to send me not one, two or three gifts, he rather sent me a complete Eid for Fiancée deal for her! This complete package included a customized necklace, customized cupcakes, mehndi, bangles, fragrance and makeup bag. His courtesy and personalization made me feel so loved and valued!

What is the most Thoughtful Eid Gift for Mother- in-law? What is the most Thoughtful Eid Gift for Mother- in-law?

My fiancé showed his compassion not only towards me but my entire family. He respects my mother because he thinks she is the one who gifted me to him. He sent her a personalized eidi basket. This basket had Customized Eid mug, mehndi Cone, customized name ring, customized women wallet, pack of 12 Eid Cards, pack of 12 Eid Envelopes, Eid Mubarak Cake Topper, Eid Mubarak acrylic frame, make-up pouch, metal keychain, bar of Mars, bar of Bounty, Bar of KitKat, pack of Smarties, bar of DairyMilk, 3 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, a bottle of Ittar and an artificial flower bouquet. My mom could not believe her eyes. She was so satisfied that she had made the right choice for me. I was so relaxed that I had chosen a good father for my son. My fiancé not only treats me like his princess but also treats my mother like a queen!

What is the most Impressive Eid Gift for Sister-in-law?

What-is-the-most-impressive-gift-for-sister-in-lawUpon seeing so thoughtful Eidi gifts for me and my mother, my sister was all the more excited to see what my fiancé and in laws had sent for the saali sahiba. To her delight, she was sent a Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet. Mind you, these were not just any chocolates. These were her favorite chocolates. I was so amazed to see how my in-laws and fiancé were picking up hints of our likes and dislikes! My sister was also awe struck by the choice of chocolates because she screamed with joy, “How do they know my favorite chocolate brand?”
I was so emotionally charged after seeing the personalized eidi gifts from my fiancé and in-laws, I couldn’t resist asking where they get it all arranged from? Upon listening The Elegances name, I decided they are going to be my gifting partner from now on. I would love to hear about your special eid gifts too!
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