7 Exciting Gifts to Buy for your Wife


7 Exciting Gifts to Buy for your Wife!

It isn’t a secret that Pakistani men have a hard time deciding what to get their wives on special occasions. And with valentines day just around the corner, they need to start thinking about a gift. On numerous occasions, I’ve helped a lot of people out and that’s what got me interested in putting my opinion out there if I can make it easier for one person, then why not? So, as a woman, I can easily say that most of the times guys really screw up in the gift department.no matter how many hints you give them they just don’t get it, I might show my husband a picture of a piece of jewelry I’m interested in and I’ll still end up getting a box of chocolates for my birthday. So, here mentioned below are a few exciting gifts that you can not go wrong with. If you want to avoid a tantrum that you know you’ll be facing otherwise, these gift ideas will make sure you don’t have to sleep on the couch.

1. A New Phone:

With new phones coming each month it is obvious that your wife must want an upgrade too. The reason why not many people think about it is that they think” what does she need an upgrade for?” Well, she does, just like you do. So, leave the use to her and just buy her a new phone. As a married woman, it is granted that she prioritizes other’s needs more than her own, all she needs is someone to prioritize her’s from time to time.

Jewellery2. Jewelry:

Another thing that you can never go wrong with is jewelry. Most men say,” She’s always buying jewelry anyways, so will it even matter?” the answer is yes. Even if she has a hundred rings the one you buy is always going to have more value to her. In most cases, men always leave such things to women and don’t give their input in the matter and that shouldn’t be how things are. Jewelry has a certain sense of intimacy that men are unaware of, so, don’t take it for granted sometimes a small thing can go a long way.

Fashion accessories3. Fashion Accessories:

Women and fashion go hand in hand, so fashion accessories are something every woman wants and can never get enough of. So whether it is a bag, a pair of glasses, or a belt that she’s been eyeing, trust me she’s going to appreciate the fact that you’ve been listening to her and that you engage with matters such as her dressing. Fashion accessories come in all sizes and prices so you won’t have a hard time looking for something that suits your liking and your financial means. However, if you don’t have the time to look around and visit tons of stores, you should benefit from ecommerce in Pakistan.

A planned out vacation for two4. A Planned out Vacation for two:

Granted that this might break the bank a little but trust me a planned out vacation for two might be exactly what your wife needs. While this might seem a little over the top and you might not have enough monetary resources to do so, know that vacation doesn’t need to be a week-long to have meaning. You can play a small vacation to a nearby hill station with just the two of you, good food, and a nice place to stay. The appreciation will lie in the fact that not only did you spend money but you put in the effort to plan everything.

5. Make Something Personal:

Other than that you can also make something personal. For this you don’t even have to go over the top you can spend a few bucks and get the raw material to make a card, or even make a meal that she’s been wanting to have. Granted that this might not seem like much, it is a definite way to a woman’s heart. All she needs to feel is that you care and that you prioritize her above anything else.Planner

6. You can never go wrong with the classics:

Balloons, chocolates, and roses are something that you can never go wrong with. Granted that they’ve been used so many times, these things can never lose their romantic touch. The best thing about the classics is that they can stay relevant throughout time. No matter what the occasion is, these three things can always save you from trouble. However, try to personalize it by adding a heartfelt note, otherwise, there won’t be a difference between you buying it or them ordering it off of the internet. So, make sure you get their favorite chocolates, their favorite balloons, and a beautiful bouquet of roses or their preferred flowers.

7. A Planner:

Last but not least you can also buy her a planner. Once women get married they have to manage a lot of things that come with a physical and emotional toll on them. Managing things without writing them down can actually be more difficult than you can imagine, so buying them a new planner can be a subtle way to show that you care. The best thing about it is that it isn’t costly at all, and it holds a personal touch too. It gives the message that you trust them and you prioritize their privacy. It also means that you understand that there are certain things that they go through that they can’t share with you and that it’s okay. Final thoughts: Now that you’ve got the hand guide to the most appreciated gifts by women, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is to do a little research, find out your wife’s preferences regarding these gifts, and take a leap of faith, I guarantee that it won’t go wrong. While these suggestions are loved by all women, an extra tip you should follow is to listen to them, at times, that is all it takes to get your wife the perfect gift. Know that buying the perfect gift isn’t a code you need to crack, all you need to do is be attentive and you’re already halfway there.
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